"VICIRCUS" was founded by a group of creative women. Since its establishment in 2008, the brand has been committed to exploring green travel, new alloys, environmentally friendly materials, etc... and applying them to the design and production of 3C products, including digital products, audio products, office equipment, mobile phone accessories, handmade custom gifts...we have also developed and customized some artistic life appliances and common accessories, hoping to be recognized by more friends.

Creativity, Kindness and Community
"VICIRCUS" was founded in 2008. It started as a collective, and today, the collaborative spirit is alive and well with talented women who rotate around the factory, counters, cameras and creative tables. "VICIRCUS" is founded, owned and operated by women with a focus on buying from women in small business and the arts and highlighting women's strengths.

We are committed to consciously supporting emerging and established artists and designers, and promoting camaraderie and community.

We love beauty, creation, and the act of creation itself. We believe that we are all connected and that art can serve as a bridge and a healing tool – speaking a deeper language when we lack words. And make the general concrete and the concrete general in the most beautiful and life-affirming way.

In essence, "VICIRCUS" is a place to gather, connect, create, share thoughts and ideas and reserve space for each other. We are committed to growth, education, equality and making a meaningful contribution to the world not only through our physical products, but through our social justice and faith-based actions.